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Put your voice on the map!

Put your voice on the map! Share with who you want to!


Iwahai is an augmented reality app that allows you to pick a point on the map (where you are or where you might be) record a voice message, memo, or interesting note - and share it with either the world or a select group of friends, coworkers, or online friends. We call the markers 'IWA' which means 'stones' in Japanese. You can set your IWAHAI map to play new stones automatically - or you can look for the one's you want. Every Iwa is a treasure. 

What is IWAHAI?

IWAHAI is more than that though - in Hawaiian language it means 'absent' - and one of our thoughts in building this app was that when you wanted to share a geographic moment with an absent loved one - you could simply leave a stone for them. Since we're based in Hawaii, this resonates with us - but there's a simple truth - IWAHAI is HAWAII all scrambled up. As guides, we wanted to share specific points here and that's how this all began....The truth is in there somewhere...


Let's Iwahai!

Our name is something that lots of people have been curious about. While it's tempting to share a legend about how in ancient Japan, travelers would leave stones as markers to communicate from a distance of time and place - and how leaving a stone in a specified place could mean 'yes' ('Hai' in Japanese) - we're not going to do that - but I guess we just did. 


About us

Iwahai was conceived and founded by me, Christopher 'Vago' Damitio, in 2018. I wanted a way to share geographic moments with friends and loved ones. You can find out more about me at   

IWAHAI is a brand new start-up. I look forward to sharing much more here in the future. 

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Hawaii Tiki Group, LLC

150 Hamakua #366, Kailua, HI. 96734

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